Currently Dawn

agenda: nothing planned, every day will be like presents!
on my playlist: Marilyn Manson, Sister's of Mercy
status: I am a saintly nun
digest: food?
weather: nice. it may rain diamonds on neptune... then again, it may not
wear: nothing, people will be shocked and the look on their faces are amusing
watch: me take a nap, the drool from the corner of my mouth is adorable
read: my site
play: In a mud puddle... but not when it's cold. you'll get sick.
shampoo: pantene pro v
bathe: skin milk
lipstick: clinique and vinyl lip by rimmel
nail polish: pale shimmer pink
scent: vanilla and dove
drink: water
remedy: sleep
strange: the y chromosome


All news here is 100% accurate and validated by me in accordance to my perception. If you find something that you dispute or feel is misleading>> it's called "Get a life you freaking, sniveling, whining geek and stop trying to be a goddamned know it all."


So, you've found my little spot on the net... or rather, you finally, and begrudgingly clicked on a link that more than likely I've whored around.

Weather: Pretty, cool, sunny, breezy... I would describe the weather as, "Dawn".

Sports: Blech. Baseball games. I hate sports, but I heard a team won.

Local: When I go outside, I'll let you know. Right now I can only tell that two of my cats are skulking around and it's making me nervous.

World News: ISIS and the Mexican Drug Cartel scare the hell out of me. It's not funny, because it's true.

Politics: Christian group ‘investigating’ family and staff of 2016 candidates to expose gay sympathizers- They're just a fun bunch of nuts, aren't they?

Editorial: I gave my old site CPR and it's going to be a work in progress (obviously). Stay tuned. Currently there are links that lead no where, then again, there are links that lead somewhere. Ask yourself this, "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Punk?"



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