Happy Tears! :’) Or is the beginning of darkness??

I saw this video on SunnySkyz.com and I was bracing myself for a heartwarming moment; which did deliver (da da DAAA) at first. The more I watched this video, well let me give you the description first:

So do horses remember each other and have emotions?

On the 14 December 2012 I repurchased Arthur, a horse that I bred but had to sell four and a half years previously in 2008. During this period two of Arthur’s playmates from “foalhood”, William who had been with Arthur since they were foals and Harry who arrived as a foal a year later stayed with me during a transition from running the busy graphic design business to working in equine facilitated learning and therapy. We had a few moves, and Harry and William had shared their lives with many other horses and ponies since spring 2009. Mustons Field, near the village of Hazelbury Bryan the place in Dorset where I used to live and all my horses and ponies grew up in has long been sold, and this reunion happened far away in a village called Firle in East Sussex, in a field William and Harry had only lived in for two weeks, whilst I was studying in this area, so there was nothing familiar. Would Arthur now aged eight and a half, a thoroughbred sports horse that has spent the last four and a half years in a high class private competition yard BE eventing have any memory at all of the two hairy New Forest pony playmates he once shared his youth with? And likewise would William and Harry recognise that little thoroughbred guy who was once their best mate?

This 5 minute film is the editing down of almost an hour of extraordinary footage of amazing hugging and communicating, that even I didn’t think would be quite so loving and extraordinary.

It is now May 2015 and I thought I would give you an update. This magical horse reunion was the beginning of a new adventure for Arthur, William, Harry and myself… Arthur, William and Harry are still all together and very happy, so am I! We now have a wonderful home in South Dartmoor where we run Adventures with Horses, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Arthur, William and Harry have become incredible guides and coaches for us human beings, by just being horses! Please see more athttp://www.adventureswithhorses.co.uk/

The more I watched it, the more the horses seemed to give off a vibe of exasperation, the type you see in POW’s when reunited.
“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”
“Yes, we’re still being kept prisoners here. There is no escape, how bad was it where you were? We thought you were dead!”
“It was bad, really bad; at times I wished I was dead. They locked me up in a small room every night, riding my back constantly. The only thing that kept me going was the hope of seeing you guys again.”

Then you see them running away, the three of them. I can almost hear them shouting, “FREEDOM! Let’s bust through those fences!!!”
All of a sudden the camera cuts away, which means you know their attempt was thwarted since it’s moments later and they’re calm and depressed again, bonding through the trauma. We didn’t see them get subdued and punished for the attempted break out.

Well… you’ll see 😉



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