MasterChef Junior Judge… Worst job EVER


I was watching MasterChef Junior; okay, I’m binging on it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a show where young culinary talents compete against each other in front of some of the worlds’ best chefs. If that’s not intimidating enough, these kids range from 8-13 (maybe younger, maybe older… but that’s the range I’ve seen). If I were a little girl with an ounce of talent I don’t think I would get past the qualifying round without breaking into tears. I was a sensitive, emotional little girl; it tears me up when I see the judging round.

The only thing I could compare what the judges must go through during elimination is a job where you love puppies, and they’re cute puppies, but you have to shoot two. Just seeing the little faces as they watch their friends leave the competition, is enough to break your heart.

Okay, that’s the most I’m going to show of my compassionate side for today.

I believe the worst part about watching this show in the binge fashion is that at one point I’m watching children who have been on this planet for 8 years cook up elaborate dishes and looking down at the plate of fish sticks and potato rounds I lazily baked for dinner. I don’t even trust myself with blades half the size that most of these kids use!



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