Ungrateful Little Fur Faces…

Why won’t he love me??

When spring hits the area and the little feathery and furry critters come back, I like to bulk up on the bird seed and peanuts. It’s my way of playing Snow White. I imagine that one of these days they’ll flock around me and speak to me in a language that I’ll understand. For the generous amounts of food I’ve provided for them, they’ll offer to do my housework with me, tidy up my hair, and shower me with love and affection. That’s not out of the realms of possibility, is it?

I began this last year with no appreciation, and this year I thought, “Well, now they’re used to me and the bond shall be formed.” Right? That’s how it works, right?? There was a storm last night and my only thought pertaining to the outdoors was sweeping the debris off my porch., plus I was redesigning my site after abandoning a year ago due to finances. My mentality was set on creating once again and enjoying bolts of death not shooting down from the sky (it was an intense storm that I believe came from the bowels of Hades). Out of the corner of my eye I saw an old bird feeder being tossed into the middle of the porch and a squirrel was ripping it apart looking for food. In fact, s/he apparently tried to find the food in various areas.

This was my chance! I grabbed a handful of peanuts and a bag of seeds and ran out smiling, “It’s here! I have your food!!!” The squirrel ran away, leaving me with the mess, birds that were also foraging, took flight. I was left all alone with broken items and a pout on my face. I went ahead and placed all the food out for them, which they gladly came back after I went inside where my three cats were demanding food as well.

All were fed, ignoring me, and now I sit back at my computer, all alone, *sigh* left to clean up their messes without a thank you. I envy the Washington bird girl so much. How did you do it, bird girl? How? Why can’t they just LOVE me???



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