Really, people? Frank Luntz “joke” about Bruce Jenner was a play on words

I think the problem with the media posting things right as they happen is that they don’t have time to think about the article before posting it. Everything is a knee-jerk reaction and the responses are overwhelmingly by knee jerk reaction people. I guess that’s what gets viewership, even if it produces a false outcome.

Here’s the synopsis of the article- There was a GOP event going on and one of the speakers, Frank Luntz, asked spouses of military personnel to stand because they needed recognition as well. He spotted a gentleman in the audience and asked who his spouse was. The man yelled, “I was married to a WAC!” (Woman’s Army Corps which was disbanded in 1978). Frank shouted back, “So was Bruce Jenner!”

The first thing I thought of was, “Ohhh ha ha, he was making fun of Kris Jenner, because she’s kind of a wack (which means nut job).” But because the article was click bait and misleading, “Republican operative booed after joking about Bruce Jenner at South Carolina GOP event“, everyone started getting upset about what a disgusting transgender hateful man Frank is. I wrote a few times that I thought it was a play on words, that he was making fun of his spouse.

People would even write things bashing Frank and then adding that his stupid joke doesn’t make any sense! I kept stating, it DOES, it’s a play on words. Only a few people recognized what I was trying to convey and even added, “That’s the only way it makes sense.”

After awhile I gave up. The comments made me feel like I was on Daily Conservative site and they posted an article about Michelle Obama getting a new haircut. I use that example because typically they respond with equal disgust.

Since when did grown-ups stop maturing? Most right wing individuals who knee jerk react with playground slurs and horrific accusations are over the age of 50, and I’m noticing the younger left are following suit.

Unless I missed something in the article that’s found on Raw Story

My point is that before you start commenting on things, please think:
Did the site get the story right? -Research. I always look for other sources and sides on a topic before I respond or add my opinion.
Is this worth my energy?
Do I sound like a bully?
Am I using my intellect or just wanting to find a fight?

Admittedly I read the article wondering, “Great, what horrible, juvenile thing did that moron say?” After I read it, I read it again and saw absolutely nothing offensive; it was a playful jab at the notorious momager who runs the most despised attention whore family in the lime light. That of course is speculation since she wasn’t only former wife.




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