Josh Duggar- 19 Kids Who Need Counseling.

1432292602714.cachedLike everything else on the internet, once I write my opinions down and click ‘Publish’, it’ll already be old news. On what I’m going to write, however, I believe this topic will be relevant as long as networks continue to expose the daily lives of family for profit.

Yesterday I read the reports where Josh Duggar molested four of sisters who ranged in age 4-12 for over a year, mostly while they slept, along with another girl. Initially when I saw the breaking story without the details, I thought he possibly full hugged some chick and his uber conservative Dad called the cops. I thought it was weird that, since he was only 14, that it was coming to light now. What business was it of us to know he was seen leaving a girls room when he was a teenager?

It became my business when I found out that it was his sisters, it wasn’t with consent, the girls were much younger than he was, and his family ignored it for years so they could all go parading around on the talk show circuits and flaunt their lives on television for money and gifts instead of being decent parents and addressing the issue, and getting help for the girls instead of parading them around with their other kids like a side show attraction.

It became my business when the Mom started to robo calls condemning transgender people using public facilities, and it became my business since Josh feels he can condemn the LGBT community within his hate group and political scene, calling them molesters and pedophiles while he, himself molested his own sisters as they slept.

The right automatically had to throw out the Lena Dunham scandal from a book she wrote where she described her curious and sexual exploration she had with her younger sister starting when she was seven and her sister was only 1. I started to write a response to one of the comments, but decided to come on here instead.

Moe86: Liberal hypocrisy on display once again!

It really is stunning.

Me: It goes both ways, it always goes both ways. Regardless of political affiliation, people are hypocritical assholes. Lena was disgusting and I’d never use her anyone with a moral compass, and the Duggars should not be on display promoting their wholesome world when they were failing as parents by churning so many out at once and then pointing out the wrongs of everyone else. While Josh was molesting his sisters, they just began doing the talk show circuit and thrusting themselves into the spotlight when they should have been focusing on themselves and what was going on inside their little home.

If Lena did a reality show promoting her lifestyle as a parent who shelters her children… or if her family did that in general, they would need to be condemned as well and pulled from the air. As it is, she’s an actress in an HBO television show that I gave up watching after a few episodes because I found it stupid.

Bottom line- no one should be on the air with their own reality show and judging others. Hell, just get freaking reality shows off the air period. I can’t stand the Duggars (they lack personality, wit, and charisma) the Kardashians are trash, and I’ve no idea what else is out there. I was glad when Honey Boo Boo got off the air and I’ll be even happier if they just stop exposing families and if they can start to encourage people to raise their kids privately and properly. The modern dysfunction is that people are wanting to whore their kids out so desperately for fifteen minutes of fame that they’re not considering the long term ramifications.

The Duggars never came across as wholesome to me. Two young, dysfunctional kids decided to pop out a bunch of kids because… cult stuff they label ‘Independent Baptist’ or ‘Quiverfull Movement’. They teach their kids early on that they can’t be trusted to think for themselves. They aren’t allowed any freedoms, and as soon as they become ‘of age’ they’re married off to quickly start having sex so they can pop out kid after kid to create an army to spread the ‘good word’.

Apparently Josh’s wife knew of all of this before she married him, which, based on their young ages and apparently he was reported right about the time he met her… was she a fame whore who decided to stick with him because if she didn’t, some one else would hop on the Duggar gravy train.

I feel mostly for the daughters/sisters and it sickens me their laundry is being aired when this is a very private matter, and due to the lack of respect for women in that family, their emotional needs aren’t going to be addressed or cared for. I read a short story their father told them (even after he knew about the molestation by his own son)

Jim Bob tells about parents who bought their child a brand new bike. Before the parents could present the bike, a neighbor child stole it and rode it around, scratched it up, and dented the frame. Although the parents gave the bike to their child anyway, he was understandably disappointed with its condition.

In this construction (a not too subtle one!) the bike is the female body, and the little boy is a future husband. Women’s bodies can be “stolen” by dangerous other men, and if they are, their future husbands will be understandably disappointed. Dating and premarital sex are not expressive in the Duggar construction (and evangelical purity rhetoric more broadly), they render women used and broken.

Ouch, that’s gotta burn, and even more of a reason Josh should never be on any committee that advises people how to live their lives and raise their kids.

As for June, from Honey Boo Boo likening her situation for getting her show pulled as being not as bad as the Duggar scandal… even though the guy was not on the show, he molested her own daughter(s) and brought him back years after the trauma to be a part of their lives again. That’s a completely different situation and by no means better at all.

In my opinion all these shows should go away, no one should be put on a pedestal, and if you want to be a good parent, be a good parent and do it off camera. 



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