Dear People Mad At Target…


Recently it was announced that Target would take away gender labels for toys and bedding. First of all, I’ve read a lot of comments whining about the PC police, which of course just means, “Polite, considerate, and inclusive.” I understand that in your world, you want to be an asshole to everyone, and feel it’s your ‘God given right’ to be an asshole to everyone.

Rules of the asshole:

  • We love our guns and refuse to understand that no one wants to take away our precious guns; merely regulate.
  • We love our precious country flag and we’re offended and butt-hurt if someone is mean to it, yet we’re terrified if we see another flag on OUR soil.
  • We will stand up for a lump of cells and defend its right to be born, even if it means taking away birth control and STD testing for women. Once those cells form into a human being that can breathe on its own… screw it and the poor mother who’s struggling to care for it.
  • We want to get rid of everyone in the country who won’t acknowledge our deity in a public space or pledge allegiance to our flag and country. We’re additionally terrified when we see other countries do the same.
  • We get angry when we see people getting equal privilege in this country. Only people like US are allowed to get married and have families. If you aren’t like us, you’re disgusting and we call you PC libtards, all the while crying, yelling and screaming because we aren’t allowed to be exclusive.
  • We additionally cry because you won’t keep the kids stuff separated, and say you’re being PC idiots, when we’re wanting to be non-PC idiots.

With your puny little brains, if your daughter says she wants a doll, without labeling, you’ve no idea what a doll is. “What does a doll look like?”, “What if I accidentally buy a truck instead of a doll, I’m too dumb to know the difference and my child takes after me, so she’s an idiot as well and would be confused by all the different toys in the toy store.”

You see a little girl giving a baby bottle to a truck and a boy zipping a baby doll down the hallway because the kids are STUPID! …or maybe they’re just really creative. I’m sorry for passing judgment.

When I was a child, I don’t recall the toy aisles being separated. If I wanted a doll, oddly enough, I was able to find it. Fortunately because I wasn’t forced into one section of the store, I would also see action figures that were from movies I loved that I may have missed if asshole police were there telling where I can and cannot go.

For some reason, Avengers have been placed in the boy aisle along with TMNT, Star Wars, other Marvel and DC characters, making it appear that only boys have enjoyed those films/comics/characters. If you lift the barriers, girls don’t feel pressured to not look past the pink. The same goes for cars, model kits, Nerf toys, etc. As a child, I didn’t realize they weren’t meant for my gender until the stores so politely gave them gender assignment.

The snarling assholes didn’t stop there though. They are also offended that bedroom items have to be gender assigned as well.

How ever are you able to find bedding, furniture, books, movies, etc. without society telling you “These bedspreads are only for women, these films are only for men, you can only buy these curtains if you’re female.” How ever were you able to purchase things for yourself in aisles that weren’t color coded.

Are they offended that they have to pick movies and video games based on personal taste rather than being told which are considered ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’?

I’ve been wanting Toys R Us to do this for years, I highly doubt they will, but it gets annoying strolling to the boys section to look for pop culture items. Toy Story- boys. Big Hero 6- boys. TMNT- boys. Power Rangers- boys. The Avengers- boys. Spider-Man- boys. Star Wars- boys. Batman- boys. Wonder Woman- boys. The Walking Dead- boys. Even Tomb Raider and Buffy items were only in the boys section!!!!!!!!!! Girls get home maker items, baby dolls, and Barbie type dolls that look like hookers, make-up, stuffed animals *yawn*. WHAT THE FRUCK, society???

Hell, much to my dislike, when my son was younger he had me get him Hannah Montana dolls (not dislike because they were in the girl section but because it was Hannah Montana). He didn’t care that Hannah/Miley, Oliver, Lilly, and Jake were gender toy assigned to girls, he just really liked the show.

If you purchase toys based on gender, you’re missing out on allowing your child to develop their own taste. My son grew up to replacing Hannah with Marvel and DC, Bruce Lee, Rocky, etc. but still hangs onto the dolls for nostalgia and doesn’t care what other people think. He likes what he likes.

Seriously, what harm is it going to do but open up more products, toy lines, and enjoyment of using their imagination during play time?

All they’re doing is taking off gender assignment labels, the kids are still going to gravitate to their current taste, but at least they’ll feel a little more free to see other things without feeling judged for “Stepping in the wrong aisle.” Which yes, I over heard kids being told by their parent, “Oh, no this is the girl aisle, we have to go over there…”

Stop being whiny dicks just because society doesn’t want to be exclusive assholes. If you want to be an asshole in your own home, go for it. Please don’t push your asshole agenda on the rest of us… we want to enjoy life.



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