Deep Thoughts… Amish

I’m sitting here on a Friday night, my son is in bed, my fiance is at work and as I was prepping to watch a ‘live’ television show that I recorded, a deep thought crept in my head, “I wonder what I’d be doing right now if I were Amish.”

Since it’s now nighttime and the oil would have been burning for a good hour and a half, I imagine I would have put down the needlepoint that continued after the chores were done and dinner was cleaned up. JP would still be in bed and perhaps Geoffrey would be gathered with the man folk talking about man folk things. Fortunately my week in the shed would be over with and I can now join my kin in the main house.

Would I be a good Amish woman and stick to reading my bible? Would I be literate? Would it be a picture book bible that one of the man folk drew for me? Would I be content? Maybe I’d be wondering what I’d be doing right then if I were born and raised in the modern world? Maybe I’d imagine I’d be robbed right now and sold into prostitution. Perhaps I would imagine myself snorting cocaine and dying in a concrete jungle. With only one house on the property, where would I go during my ‘womanly’ time of the month? Would I have to sleep in the car stable? Or worse yet, if I lived in the big city and I didn’t have a car stable; would they force me to sleep on the roof for a week or in the water tower?

I’m so glad I’m cozy and illiterate in my Amish town, the big scary modern world sounds like a nightmare.




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