Happy Halloween Month!

unnamed (2)Or, October, as it’s known to the non-heathens. This is just a site update. If you’re wondering where my main Facebook account went, it’s on hiatus, I’m taking a break from it. It’s not FB, it’s me. I’m sure we’ll work things out, but for now I want to see other social media outlets.

If you miss stalking me, or if I miss stalking you but I don’t realize it, you can possibly see me writing snarky comments on Daily Mail, Disqus; posting pointless photos now and then on Instagram (I’m still new there and haven’t found it to be very interesting, much like Pinterest ), I’m also on Ello and Google Plus, but those are about as active as my deactivated Facebook account. There is also e-mail (dawnmasuoka @ gmail.com).

With that being said… Happy Halloween Month! I was excited about decorating this year since the weather is seeming to comply with my desire for outdoor decorations, although it is a little unseasonably hot, at least they wouldn’t have been washed or blown away a day after setting them up. Unfortunately when I took the box down, I saw all the battered and broken items that for some reason I placed back in the box last year. They suck, but they were kind of lame anyway, in comparison to the next door neighbors eye candy on their lawn. I’m wondering if I did set decorations out, if the weather would have turned terrible, like Mother Nature has it out for me taking part of seasonal festivities. Blast you Mother Nature and your bullying!

I really haven’t had much to add here or in social media sites. Our lives have been quite uneventful in the whole scheme of things. My son has been struggling to keep a case of sepsis cellulitis under control. He’s been on antibiotics for two weeks now, and today another rash appeared on his face, hopefully it’s just his psoriasis flaring up and nothing further will result from it. Other than that, we’ve been laying low at home (except for a very boring trip to Chuck E. Cheese and a trip to the worst Toys R Us on the planet). I should have taken pictures or video to gain empathy of the situation, or at least give warning to others who might venture to those places.

Now that I’ve made my first post in a couple months, I can figure out what else to put here; rather than reading other people’s articles and writing snarky or popcorn comments on them.

Peace OUT!



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