Ben Carson did an “Ask Ben Carson” on his FB profile, perhaps to get an idea of what people think in regards to foreign policy to get some insight, since he seems to be lacking any self formed opinions. One of the questions was a guy ranting about people calling out Christians to act like Christians when it comes to the refugees when we (they) put them down at every turn. There was a lot more to it, but my initial response that I didn’t post was:

Only now do us, as the minority, have a voice. And yes, in school if you were an atheist, you were treated evil, dirty, soulless; in public squares they acted as if everyone was Christian and they do such in an against everything Jesus taught sort of way. Only now do we get to be heard and remind them that their neighbors, people they employ, people who live in their country are not all Evangelical Christians and the states should recognize that. And no, it’s not just atheists, in fact, we’re the smallest number out there. It’s the Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, even agnostic and deists.
We want to feel like we belong in our own country, the country most of us were born in and a large portion were raised in. We are the ones who helped make this country and we’re treated like foreigners (so many times I see people, including my family write “It’s one nation under GOD or get out!), so if we want some consideration in politics, policies and to have us seen in the public spaces as well… AND be heard, we have to remind them of their Christs teachings and either live it or stop acting like a community of mean girls.
Yes, we do sometimes come across as annoying yapping dogs when we see so many tout their beliefs as they act like their belief automatically makes them wonderful people, “He was a church going man.” “She’s a good god fearing woman.” “They are a Christian family.” as if Christian = automatic respect. For non-believers, their lack of belief is always written as a negative characteristic.
And yes, I also get annoyed that my ancestors, most of our ancestors were forced into this Middle Eastern religion. Convert or die. The book that had tales of rape, murder, incest, etc. in order to scare the people with an angry ruthless god.
That wasn’t working well, so they changed it up to have a kind, loving man as a primary character who most of you today would consider… what’s the word you call those of us who seek compassion for those less fortunate? Ahh, “libtard”.
Yes, we are calling upon you to either truly follow your Christ’s teachings or perhaps you need to find another religion to follow since you’re not doing such a good job with the one you’ve been spoon fed either by your parents, friends, family, or community.
I would defend the Christian to others based on the kind principals that were taught, saying I know a lot of kind, loving, gentle Christians who do respect all people and don’t judge, they don’t look down upon others who aren’t like them… well, thanks to the internet, those people are rarely heard from, much like the kind, gentle, loving, non-believers who live and let live.
We, need an elected official who can remind us that WE the people all occupy this great land, together, that no one is above anyone else who is a law abiding person, who shows kindness and compassion for everyone. The leader needs to acknowledge ALL people here and treat them fairly, to recognize we all have struggles, we all want to live in a country with fair living wage, a fair chance at our dreams rather than living a life as a debt slave, and give them equality.
Can he do that? Can he put his job first and keep his religion in his heart, in his home, in his church, and understand that he will be representing WE THE PEOPLE? If elected, would he show favoritism? We need a country that shows you can be from all religious backgrounds and non-religious and still be peaceful and kind to one another. From all sides it seems to be “mean girl” season and this needs to end.

I didn’t click “enter” and it wouldn’t matter since the Q/A session had ended long before I wrote it, but I didn’t check the time stamp before I started writing.

The pause caused me to think additionally as I scrolled through my Facebook page. “Who do I want to surround myself with? What information do I want to read on a daily basis?”

I understand that those without belief NEED to be vocal, and silence will lead us to live in a society that should not be in a first world country. We are trying to elect a President of the U.S., not a Preacher. Does it even matter much who we select when the majority of the House sway far right anyway, causing true change that would be beneficial to be delayed, detained, and compromised.

The impact, however, is killing my soul. Facebook should or any social media that’s supposed to be casual, really needs to be a break from the shouting. I don’t like overly religious people on my thread to see them worship some deity and at the same time they cry about the world not being totally about them. “It’s one nation under GOD or get out of our country”, “Put Christ back in Christmas, say MERRY CHRISTMAS” etc. How childish can you get? In the same day they’ll also post about mocking people who find guns threatening and for the most part, unnecessary. Seriously, would you trust me with a gun? I trust me with a gun (the woman who slashes her lip licking an envelope) the same way I trust ANYONE with a gun who has never had proper training and testing on the weapons. Would you give someone a driver’s license who only passed the written and not the actual driving test? I hope not.

On the other hand, when it comes to non political issues, I’m tired of seeing people who happen to not worship deities obsess over people who do. I have to constantly remind myself due to the propaganda on my own side, that perhaps when people are afraid and feeling helpless, that there really isn’t much that they CAN do due to their own personal issues, finances, limitations, sometimes “Prayers” is all they can say to show they do care and wish they could do more, much like when I write “Thoughts”. Let people live and find comfort. We tell them to keep religion in their homes and private realms; and for most of them, the internet is an extension of such. Must people police people on their thoughts, pained hearts, happiness?

Let us please learn to just be kind to each other without resentment, judgment, and learn to be inclusive of all. This is not “Christian god’s” country, this country belongs to us, “We the people”.



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