Gloomy Dream

While the dream is still fresh in my head, I need to write it down. I don’t believe it needs analyzed, I should probably just watch less ID channel before heading to bed.

It all started out, for whatever reason, my parents were staying with me. The house was like the one I had seen earlier that night on the Property Brothers, I’m only mentioning it because it was a pretty cool home. I didn’t realize my parents were there until in my dream, I was finishing up watching my show, popped a handful of Melatonin, and went to bed. When I woke up, my Mom had a horrified look on her face and asked, “Do you know what you did last night?”. I explained I had more Melatonin than usual, and she argued, “Melatonin is a placebo, it won’t do anything to you.” I looked around, and apparently I had sleep walked and made a mess, left the front door open and broke the doorbell. To prove it was a placebo, she took a few pills and swallowed them before I could grab them out of her hand.

As I’m trying to clean the house before my Dad got up, she started to get sleepy. The next thing I know, I get a phone call from an old friend asking to meet her for lunch and pick up some extra work. I lied to my Mom (no clue why), informing her I was going with friends to Vancouver, WA to vote and come right back home. Where ever I was living in my dream, it was approximately an hour long drive giving me about a 2.5 hour window to head off with my friend.

She picks me up, we go out to lunch, and the next thing I know we’re at the mall so she could use the ATM. The ATM wasn’t a machine, it more like a flimsy keypad attached to wires in the middle of the hall. I’m trying to punch the code in her for her, some of the pads are missing and I have to make sure the numbers still get entered properly. While I’m doing that, I half notice a lot of commotion going on. A SWAT Team is getting in place, trying to talk us as we’re waving them away so we could focus on the ATM. I see them drop a couple of Walkie-Talkies next to us as they rush away from the area.

We finally get the ATM to dispense the money (which was supposed to be $100) but it gave us a 67 dollar bill, a 65 dollar bill, a five, and a ten. We were perplexed by the currency and the various sizes, still oblivious to our surroundings. When we decide that the currency was way more than $100 so it doesn’t matter if it’s in odd bills; someone starts talking on the walkie-talkie. I hear a woman asking us to talk to them, she is informing us to get behind something immediately. I look around and I see the only thing near me is a frame of an exercise machine, that’s it, but I’ve no clue what’s going on and why we need to hide. I figured there are cops there, we aren’t a target, we’d be safe so there’s no rush. All of a sudden three female officers run around the corner and try to take cover close by, they’re followed by young guys dressed in brown button up shirts with matching slacks who are carrying machine guns and semi-automatic weapons. The guys quickly spray the the female officers with bullets and one guy shoots my friend and then instead of finishing her off, says they can use her as a hostage. Another guy stops in front of me and I wanted to tell him who I was, beg for my life, tell my family good-bye, apologize to my Mom for sleep walking, let someone know what was going on. I wondered if he’d actually mortally wound me, if I could survive being hit. I wanted to run, but his friend had a more powerful weapon and even more guys with guns were behind them killing people. I realized that to them I was just a body, I was just going to be a part of their death toll. My life meant nothing to them.

This was all thought in a split second as he looked me callously in the eye, smiling, and fired the weapon. I immediately woke up and felt so helpless. I imagined all the people who are in similar situations daily, impending death. Nothing you can do. No time to hide, fight back, talk them out of it. Gives me such a gloomy feeling and I think I’ll stay in today. 



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