The Surreal World

Holy cow, what is going on in this world??? I’ve basically been living my life like a deer in headlights the past (wow, almost a year now) wondering when the cavalry is going to storm in and save the day.

It feels like Mom and Dad left home to go away for a long weekend and this imbecile wound up intruding and called all his delinquent friends for a massive house party; all hell has broken loose and I just hope the folks come home, or cops are called… or something!!! Where are the responsible adults?

I only mention it in a teenage state of mind, because from what I’ve seen, we, the people, seem to have as much control and power as a teenager under their parents rule.

Yes, Donald Trump- the misogynistic creep who talks about how dysfunctional teen girls are the best, the dude who would just invade teen girls dressing rooms at pageants, who bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, calls respected people names and gives them juvenile playground nicknames- this ASSHAT who had a rich daddy, was bailed out from all of his FAILURES; this CONMAN, GRIFTER, and his white trash slimy kids are running the freaking country.

This created a following of little Trumpster Troll Bots who go around, “Ha ha, liberal tears, libtard, SNOWFLAKE, he won, MAGA, FAKENEWS!” sounding like the idiot in chief himself. And if you tell them to shut up, they start shouting the “INTOLERANT LEFT! SO VIOLENT!!!” they remind me of 3rd grade playground bullies who would drive you crazy by taking your stuff and denying it.
Sane kid, “But you’re holding it!”
Crazy Trump kid, “No I’m not.”
Sane kid, “I see it!”
Crazy Trump kid, “That’s mine, my grandma gave it to me.”

Only those assholes grew up physically and now they’re a plague on the country and in charge. How do you deal with these dudes? You can’t just ignore them and have them go away… they’re going to stay there, get larger and more powerful and actually F*CK up your life by stripping away rights, changing policy, and destroying the country that took hundreds of years to build.

I’m going to try to get some of my sanity back, possibly still staring at the screen like a deer in headlights with every stupid tweet he does. Hopefully I can break from my incredulous look long enough to write something productive about ANYTHING but Trump and his disgusting butt kissers.

If anyone happens to read this, “What do YOU do in order to stay sane?”

Love, light, lunacy…





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