Spin Class for your FACE!

Okay, that sounds kind of gross… it’s not what I’m talking about. Nothing you think is what I’m talking about. How do I know this? Because most things I think are abstract and FAR from what people assume I’m thinking.

SPIN!!!!!!!!!!! GIRO!!!!!!!!! My FACE!!! The other month I was applying make-up and realized that my skin was a little haggard, worn, not my norm. Yes, we all get older, I live in Texas, and who knows what else could be causing my skin to feel and look tired and worn. Maybe it’s the current admin that’s stressing me out and aging me faster than I would have liked (sorry, no politics in this post starting… … UGH! I HATE THAT BABY HAND NARCISSISTIC TOTALITARIAN EGOTISTICAL ELITIST CON ARTIST!!!… starting now.

I did some research and it made sense to exfoliate using a spin brush. I started using a Lavo Giro for my face after seeing what was cheaper (best value with the best reviews). At first it made my face feel a little red and sensitive. I did a little trial and error along with applying a decent moisturizer after, OMG my skin feels and looks over ten years younger. In addition to that, I’ve also been applying make up (foundation) using MAC with a make up brush (learning how to apply). I’m amazed.

The nightly experience spilled over to a morning ritual and I finally bought one for my body, Spin Spa, that I’ve seen on TV a million times and finally saw at Bed, Bath and Beyond… and then snatched one up when I found it at Walgreens (both places only cost $19.99).

Is it life changing? I don’t know… but my skin is now tighter, less saggy and tired looking, and I feel like my normal self once more. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest getting it. I apply my make-up with both a 5 and 10x’s mirror, and I’m no longer wincing when I sit down at my vanity and prep to go out and about in the world.

Additionally noted, I use DOVE soap for my face and Soap & Glory peach milk cleanser for my body. The moisturizers… well I use a ton, whatever feels good. My favorite has been L’Oreal Hydra Genius it feels like water when I put it on and feels so light weight and luxurious.

I don’t want to be a beauty blog type person but I really wanted to share the experience. FYI, the best make-up brush I’ve been trying is Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki with Mac Studio Tech (whatever shade works for you).

I feel like such a beauty pimp, but please know that in no way am I being paid for anything, receiving anything free, or getting anything from this aside from passing the tips along.

If you have any techniques or things that work for you, please leave in the comment section along with questions or things you’d like to see in the future. I’ve been doing the whole trial and error on my own, so any tips will be welcome and I’d be more than likely to be a self guinea pig for areas that I don’t automatically think of (that I might also have issues with).





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