Weird Fact: Cats Like Their Butts Spanked.

I’m sure there’s a reason for it that I won’t bother to look up. It’s not that I’m “lazy” I just refuse a logical explanation other than, “Cat’s are weird.” Now I’M not weird, I was watching a sitcom a few years ago (no idea what the show was…) one broke girl was talking to her friend who was also broke, mentioned the phenomenon. I was skeptical. I’m always skeptical.

I have three cats of various ages, backgrounds, and temperament. I did a weird experiment, and yes, I felt very strange for doing this; I spanked their little fluffy butts. Long story short: I’m their queen now (edit: I spelled “slave” wrong). Each one LOVED having their butt spanked/patted/whatever. It’s weird. I don’t want to delve into it.

I now have a daily experience of butts perking up around my hand in hopes to be spanked. I cringe and once in awhile I’ll comply.

Bottom line (no pun intended) don’t attempt this. It’s a rabbit hole that you don’t want to go down. Just trust me that they like their fluffy butts spanked and it’s best to just have that information and not wind up being a slave their tushies for the remainder of their lives. 



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