Ghost Cat Is Real Y’all.

Yes, I cringed a little when I wrote, “Y’all”, but I’ve been in Texas for 6 years now? Unsure… I’ll do the math later. I didn’t even think of ghost cat until we moved into our new place about 3 years ago? Maybe four? Again, horrible with math unless it’s a movie release year or famous actors’ birthday.

A year or so after moving into our place and I started working from home, having three cats… I started to notice strange occurrences; action figures randomly falling off a shelf, pictures falling from a wall (okay, fine, we also live like a foot away from a railroad track… LITERALLY!!!!), a noise in the other room when it wasn’t a burglar or serial killer, and then my cats randomly freaking out- jumping and dashing out of a room or just staring into a corner. Yes, cats are weird and I’m used to them being weird, but this is a new kind of weird. I’d check the calendar for a full moon, look for a tiny insect that’s invaded their space, had them lay down on the sofa while I did an extensive psychological examination where I’d find nothing out of the norm.

One day it hit me. After going through all of my notes, video footage, peer input (jk, I don’t have peers or friends), I decided that it could only be ONE thing: a ghost cat.

A cat who died and refused to move on because cats are stubborn little creatures. Even in the afterlife they’ll continue to run into walls (knocking down pictures), jumping on shelves, and annoying the living cats who have no idea what to do with this otherworldly invader.

It is the ONLY explanation I could think of since I have a ton of shows to binge and any further analysis would cut into my binge time.

Please share your experiences in the comments and keep other possible logical explanations to yourself, and make Ghost Cat the new urban legend (credit to me).



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