Question Asker: Why do you have a website?

Dawn: Call it habit. Remember those Geocities days? Yeah, I was born from that mess of the www and freebie websites. As the years progressed I kept my personal site but evolved it with the times. What can I say, I’m a home page addict.

Question Asker: Do you love me?
Dawn: Yes, very much so. I have an odd way of showing love though. The more I ignore you and refuse to write you back, answer your calls or acknowledge you in any way shape or form- the more I love you.

Question Asker: You strike me as a little dark… are you?
I guess I am. There are some things about me that will always have a dark undertone and although I’m a person who loves to make people laugh and to laugh myself… I have a dark streak and fetishes that I pretty much keep to myself. Layers- I sadly have a lot of layers. I also have morphing morals. That’s pretty scary in itself.

Question Asker: Okay, I don’t wanna know any more- I fear of opening Pandora’s box.
Dawn: Smart. Now go away.

Here is a little *about* me
» First Name: Dawn.
» Middle Name: Michelle.
» Height: 5’7
» Location: Texas. Life is full of cruel irony.
» Birthday: September 20th.
» Eye Colour: Chestnut/Almond/Maple (brown).
» Hair Colour: Chestnut/Almond/Maple (brown).
» Skills: drawing, creative writing, design.
» Sexual Orientation: Straight.
» Status: Sleepy
» Ego: Huge (until I’m around others).
» Goal: Global Domination.
» Obstacle: Laziness.
» I like: anime, art, asian culture, astronomy, black, black cherry, books, boots, bubble bath, bubble wrap, buffy, camping, candles, classical, coffee, compliments, computers, crystal vases, cuddling, daisies, diamonds, drawing, eyes, films, foreign films, formals, friends, gifts, girls night out, grass, hiking, holidays, independent film, internet, lakes, laughter, lip gloss, literature, manga, massages, melty kisses, men, more kisses, mountains, music, night, ocean, opened minds, pajamas, paper, peaches, pencils, philosophy, playstation, pop corn, psychological thrillers, quiet nights, red wine, romance, sapphires, sfu, silence, skin, smiles, sporks, spring rain, sun flowers, theatre, vanilla, video games, water, water falls, wrought iron, xbox.

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