Ghic-Chic Who’s real name is “Dawn” but strangers call her “Stephanie” (with the latter she has no idea why).
She didn’t create the internet, however, she is responsible for global warming. She blames the teen years and Aqua Net.

Her interests include, but are not limited to… writing, design, drawing, video games, most things Joss Whedon, and taking apart and improving items around the house She’s bored with. She is a geek. She’s studied it (geek) extensively over her lifetime in order to shun the term from having the association with herself and unfortunately and ultimately… the conclusion is in fact, “She is a geek.” Her best friend told her that taking so many tests and researching “geekdom” only proves even more that “She’s a geek”. For the past few years she’s finally embraced it and decided to run with it, bask in it, write mushy poetry about it and recite it to her plants.

She is Dawn and she’s uncomfortable writing about herself in the third person. She lives on the West Coast in the US. And everything else will pretty much be revealed in conversation/posts/ and interpretive dance.

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