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Ghost Cat Is Real Y’all.

Yes, I cringed a little when I wrote, “Y’all”, but I’ve been in Texas for 6 years now? Unsure… I’ll do the math later. I didn’t even think of ghost cat until we moved into our new place about 3 years ago? Maybe four? Again, horrible with math unless it’s a movie release year or famous actors’ birthday.

Things I Have To Keep Telling Stan ‘the cat’ Lee

11954745_1698664610353196_503628729385309609_nCat’s don’t eat bananas, Stan!

Get off of my head, Stan!

I’m allowed to look out the window, Stan!

You already have food, Stan!

Stop staring at me, Stan!

My bra isn’t your bed, Stan!

I didn’t ask for your opinion, Stan!

Stop stealing my seat, Stan!

I’m on the computer, Stan!

Seriously, Stan?!

You can’t force me to pet you, Stan!

Claws are made for helping, not hurting, Stan!

(knocking me down while he runs into the other room) It’s just the doorbell, Stan! Nice to see you being so brave.

5.28.15 Trolling the troll ^_^

I was just going through ‘Gossip Cop’ as I do for who knows what reason. I don’t listen to gossip to begin with about celebrities, and GP seems to far more that I’m not interested in knowing about than the ones I do (they also have political stories on there once in awhile). I stopped by a silly Bristol Palin article where she opens up about the canceled wedding, and like a good troller of trolls, I hopped in for the comments. The guy/girl below was there because they believed it’s a “Gotcha” conspiracy… or something like that. I joined in on the conversation (some posts from others were irrelevant and I deleted them just to keep the thread short.

Zach King… or is it DEMON King?

I saw this demon ring leader on TruTV during the “funniest” shows. Funny? What’s so funny about selling your soul to Beelzebub? This is 18 minutes of pure flipping Jesus the bird with his witch-craftery. I don’t get the appeal. I just hope he’s far away from where I’m at so I never have to witness first hand his evil trickery that is straight from the bowels of HELL  where it’s HOT  so he can burn while water skiing in the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

Enjoy, but while you’re enjoying this visual “sin”, grab your rosaries and start praying for your soul.