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Welp, 2018

Told ya.

I tried to write in 2017. I wasn’t successful. Yes, Ghost Cat was real (I even have a t-shirt to prove it), but omfg, this current administration in the WH has been driving me insane. SO much has happened in such a short period of time, it’s surreal.

I don’t even know how to keep track of the current day any more. Everything is getting away from me, including my youth. I’m sure that ship sailed a long time ago, but it’s turning into a tiny dot on the horizon.

Ghost Cat Is Real Y’all.

Yes, I cringed a little when I wrote, “Y’all”, but I’ve been in Texas for 6 years now? Unsure… I’ll do the math later. I didn’t even think of ghost cat until we moved into our new place about 3 years ago? Maybe four? Again, horrible with math unless it’s a movie release year or famous actors’ birthday.

The Surreal World

Holy cow, what is going on in this world??? I’ve basically been living my life like a deer in headlights the past (wow, almost a year now) wondering when the cavalry is going to storm in and save the day.

It feels like Mom and Dad left home to go away for a long weekend and this imbecile wound up intruding and called all his delinquent friends for a massive house party; all hell has broken loose and I just hope the folks come home, or cops are called… or something!!! Where are the responsible adults?


Ben Carson did an “Ask Ben Carson” on his FB profile, perhaps to get an idea of what people think in regards to foreign policy to get some insight, since he seems to be lacking any self formed opinions. One of the questions was a guy ranting about people calling out Christians to act like Christians when it comes to the refugees when we (they) put them down at every turn. There was a lot more to it, but my initial response that I didn’t post was:

Deep Thoughts… Gorillas and Kittens.

tumblr_lt65nkZT8G1qbcv93o1_500When I see pictures or videos of Koko, the gorilla, with little kittens, I think, “Awww, she’s holding a kitten!” I worry about her accidentally hurting the kitten, but all in all, I’m in awe, I’m touched, I see the connection she has with another mammal that’s not her species.

I then wonder, “When I’m playing with a neighborhood cat, or even my own, how many animals view me in the same way that I view Koko?” “Oooooh, look at that unusual animal holding that adorable, tiny kitten! It does have nurturing instincts! That’s so adorable, I hope it doesn’t hurt the kitten! By the way, why does that creepy animal only walk on two legs and is bald every where but the top of its head? Ewwww. We must scratch its eyes out and save the kitty.”

Trolls and ignorance on the Target FB page.

Okay, since the Target “scandal” broke because they were removing gender words from the toy and bedding sections, I’ve been obsessed reading the comments. The ignorance is blinding!

The people who are threatening to boycott don’t seem to understand that Target was one of the last stores to use gender labeling in the toy and bedding section. Rather than ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’, it’ll just be ‘Toys’ or ‘Bedding’; just like Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. It’s not a new concept. It’s NOT a big deal.

Dear People Mad At Target…


Recently it was announced that Target would take away gender labels for toys and bedding. First of all, I’ve read a lot of comments whining about the PC police, which of course just means, “Polite, considerate, and inclusive.” I understand that in your world, you want to be an asshole to everyone, and feel it’s your ‘God given right’ to be an asshole to everyone.

Rules of the asshole:

  • We love our guns and refuse to understand that no one wants to take away our precious guns; merely regulate.
I was unknowingly an asshole as a child. I’m sorry.

I used to think of myself as over all, a shy and sweet little girl (for the most part). I loved little animals and helped others when I could. I was polite to my elders and I was often soft spoken (outside of the family walls). The times I spoke up were among my peers when I would correct them about their ‘faith’ and religious beliefs. I may have had issues in school, but I excelled in my belief system.

Josh Duggar- 19 Kids Who Need Counseling.

1432292602714.cachedLike everything else on the internet, once I write my opinions down and click ‘Publish’, it’ll already be old news. On what I’m going to write, however, I believe this topic will be relevant as long as networks continue to expose the daily lives of family for profit.

Yesterday I read the reports where Josh Duggar molested four of sisters who ranged in age 4-12 for over a year, mostly while they slept, along with another girl. Initially when I saw the breaking story without the details, I thought he possibly full hugged some chick and his uber conservative Dad called the cops. I thought it was weird that, since he was only 14, that it was coming to light now. What business was it of us to know he was seen leaving a girls room when he was a teenager?

MasterChef Junior Judge… Worst job EVER


I was watching MasterChef Junior; okay, I’m binging on it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a show where young culinary talents compete against each other in front of some of the worlds’ best chefs. If that’s not intimidating enough, these kids range from 8-13 (maybe younger, maybe older… but that’s the range I’ve seen). If I were a little girl with an ounce of talent I don’t think I would get past the qualifying round without breaking into tears. I was a sensitive, emotional little girl; it tears me up when I see the judging round.