The Dawn Quiz

Simple, just take a pencil and paper, write your answers, then tally up your score, e-mail me with your points and maybe a delightful related poem.

The Dawn Quiz
1. When you think of the name Dawn:
a. You think of sunrise, morning rays spilling through your window greeting you with new beginnings.
b. You haven’t given it much thought.
c. Total geek, every Dawn you have ever met has been a female Poindexter.
d. A twinkle shines from your eyes, a smile is bestowed upon your lips because the name indicates talent, strength, and charm laced with unique beauty.

2. What is your favorite dishwashing liquid?
a. Palmolive
b. Dove
c. Other

3. When faced with a big decision… do you:
a. Pray or meditate?
b. Panic and scale the walls of a tall building threatening to jump until someone makes the decision for you.
c. Consult your magic 8-ball.
d. Ask yourself… ‘What would Dawn do?’

4. September 20th is to you:
a. A day like any other.
b. Your birthday
c. You just don’t want to talk about it right now.
d. Just the bestest damn day EVER!! You invite your friends and family over to celebrate the birth of Dawn.

5. Your idea of a relaxing vacation is:
a. Spending it in the mountains so you can listen to nature.
b. Basking on a tropical beach. The beat of steel drums igniting your passions.
c. Roaming European countryside’s to taste history, culture, and shop your ass off.
d. Who has time for a vacation when I have Dawn’s web page to memorize and a run a slight chance of talking to her?

6. Your favorite type of movie is?
a. Comedy / Romance
b. Action / Adventure
c. Horror / Thriller
d. Hold on, I need to call Dawn and ask her what she likes this week.

7. After taking this quiz, what do you think of Dawn?
a. Power hungry ego maniac.
b. Saintly woman, I think I am going to name everything after her.
c. Who the hell IS Dawn?!?!?!
d. I never knew she was so wonderful, I am now going to quit my job, dye my hair burgundy and become a faithful follower.

1. a=3 b=0 c=-10 d=10

2. a=4 b=-10 c=3 d=5

3. a=3 b=1 c=5 d=20

4. a=-15 b=2 c=-30 d=20

5. a=5 b=4 c=5 d=30

6. a=2 b=3 c=5 d=20

7. a=-20 b=20 c=-50 d=50

What your score means:

-100 to 5: You are obviously not worthy of all that is Dawn. Go away I am just not feeling like talking to you anymore… LOSER!

6 to 60: Maybe you are somewhat normal, you can still hang with me, but I do expect gifts.

61+: There are stalker laws you know… but I am sure they can be lifted as your devotion is for a good cause. Now flatter me.

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