Josh Duggar- 19 Kids Who Need Counseling.

1432292602714.cachedLike everything else on the internet, once I write my opinions down and click ‘Publish’, it’ll already be old news. On what I’m going to write, however, I believe this topic will be relevant as long as networks continue to expose the daily lives of family for profit.

Yesterday I read the reports where Josh Duggar molested four of sisters who ranged in age 4-12 for over a year, mostly while they slept, along with another girl. Initially when I saw the breaking story without the details, I thought he possibly full hugged some chick and his uber conservative Dad called the cops. I thought it was weird that, since he was only 14, that it was coming to light now. What business was it of us to know he was seen leaving a girls room when he was a teenager?

Really, people? Frank Luntz “joke” about Bruce Jenner was a play on words

I think the problem with the media posting things right as they happen is that they don’t have time to think about the article before posting it. Everything is a knee-jerk reaction and the responses are overwhelmingly by knee jerk reaction people. I guess that’s what gets viewership, even if it produces a false outcome.

Here’s the synopsis of the article- There was a GOP event going on and one of the speakers, Frank Luntz, asked spouses of military personnel to stand because they needed recognition as well. He spotted a gentleman in the audience and asked who his spouse was. The man yelled, “I was married to a WAC!” (Woman’s Army Corps which was disbanded in 1978). Frank shouted back, “So was Bruce Jenner!”

Being an introvert in the modern age.

Back in the day there was a time where being an introvert (to others) seemed to be a real concern. There was the dreaded phone call, being freaked out if someone knocked on your door with an unexpected visit, or the horrible impromptu conversation out in public when you were running errands.

Advice for people who like to use google for advice

Never judge a book by its cover. Instead, ignore the synopsis on the back and spend hours and even days revisiting a library or bookstore reading it from cover to cover before you judge it.

If you have a fever, go to the freaking doctor and don’t place yourself in path of healthy people where your disgusting germ can piggyback and infect an entire family of innocents. If you don”t have a fever… buy a ton of OTC meds, supplements, and infect away!

Zach King… or is it DEMON King?

I saw this demon ring leader on TruTV during the “funniest” shows. Funny? What’s so funny about selling your soul to Beelzebub? This is 18 minutes of pure flipping Jesus the bird with his witch-craftery. I don’t get the appeal. I just hope he’s far away from where I’m at so I never have to witness first hand his evil trickery that is straight from the bowels of HELL  where it’s HOT  so he can burn while water skiing in the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

Enjoy, but while you’re enjoying this visual “sin”, grab your rosaries and start praying for your soul.

Happy Tears! :’) Or is the beginning of darkness??

I saw this video on and I was bracing myself for a heartwarming moment; which did deliver (da da DAAA) at first. The more I watched this video, well let me give you the description first:

So do horses remember each other and have emotions?

Ungrateful Little Fur Faces…

Why won’t he love me??

When spring hits the area and the little feathery and furry critters come back, I like to bulk up on the bird seed and peanuts. It’s my way of playing Snow White. I imagine that one of these days they’ll flock around me and speak to me in a language that I’ll understand. For the generous amounts of food I’ve provided for them, they’ll offer to do my housework with me, tidy up my hair, and shower me with love and affection. That’s not out of the realms of possibility, is it?

MasterChef Junior Judge… Worst job EVER


I was watching MasterChef Junior; okay, I’m binging on it. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a show where young culinary talents compete against each other in front of some of the worlds’ best chefs. If that’s not intimidating enough, these kids range from 8-13 (maybe younger, maybe older… but that’s the range I’ve seen). If I were a little girl with an ounce of talent I don’t think I would get past the qualifying round without breaking into tears. I was a sensitive, emotional little girl; it tears me up when I see the judging round.

Is Natalie Portman the new Victoria Jackson?

Okay, she may not be quite loony Jackson yet, but she certainly is joining Paltrow in her obvious detachment from reality. In a recent DM article, she states,

It was following the birth of her child, she tells the publication, that she changed her mind about the Oscar she’d worked so hard to win.

And it was a biblical revelation of sorts.

The former child star describes the highly-prized statuettes as ‘literally like gold men’, adding: ‘This is literally worshiping gold idols – if you worship it. That’s why it’s not displayed on the wall. It’s a false idol.’


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