No, no one has been worth spilling my thoughts onto paper for… which is good considering what normally inspires me in angst. Here are some blasts from the past. Some are based on fiction, some are fact. I will never tell which is which.

City of Misery
the final show
release me
Hell Hath No Fury
Come to me
Come Dance With Me
Pretty Pretty Angel
Religious Doom
embrace me
Silent Scream
~Sacred Fears~
I lie
society puppet
pathetic poet

I did what I normally do when I change a domain name: I link to old poems and writings for nostalgia. Well… while I was doing the linking and adding to this site, I came across an old livejournal addy that I did for a short period and let it go. Two years later and it’s still active, although not accessed or updated. Go figure.

Anyway, I found this on the site from that summer oh so seemingly long ago. 2006.

Walking through a hazy day dream I wished to remain in a conscious slumber
Blood dripped from the morning sun as I ignored my freedoms
The mist fills the gaps in the landscape I choose not to remember
And your voice seeps into the crevasses created by my refusal to want you

My mind collapses back to a time that imprisoned me
A time in which I felt you actually had meaning
Crimson tears cried from my wrists and I wiped them against my tired forehead
Awakening into the depths from where I had escaped.

I gouged out my eyes and replaced them with foolish visions
Seeing what I wanted to and tightened the chains across my chest
Choking on self induced insecurities caused me to long for your breath
And my nails clawed at my flesh that felt constricting because you were present

My body rejected you but self loathing made me yearn for your cyanide passions
Filling my veins with the poisons that surged through your dirty little secrets
So empty, so fallen, so filthy, so disgraceful, you were nothing
I was so scared, so lonely, so out of sync, I made you exist

Until the day came when I finally saw who you really were
Every trait one wishes away. Every thing a person fears they might be
Tainted, polluted, sucking onto the life of every one above you
Only so you can taste an ounce of the humanity you will never experience on your own

Good times… *sigh* good times. 😐 Michael, you said you didn’t get it… lol well it’s because I typically wind up with men who prompt me to write things like the above. My taste SUCKS.

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