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It’s funny how the things you witness can inspire a story- of sorts. This was written shortly after my 750 page manuscript was destroyed and I needed a creative outlet. It also inspired my quote that is still floating around today (from the long version of the piece) Enjoy. Dawn

“Why be in this mundane world when the surreal world inside my head is so much more inviting, exciting and not as complex?” Dawn Masuoka; My Love a Horror Story

Short Version:

The sun spilled through the late summer leaves and onto my loves slumbering head. The more I gazed upon him, the light began to create a halo effect. “Sleep my darling.” I whisper into the breeze that cascaded past my lips catching my words and then carried them over to his delicate ears. He will need his rest for soon I will declare my love to him.

“John” I repeated his name over and over again in my mind. A name so strong and poetic, a name eternally seared into my soul.
Three years ago he didn’t know I even existed, however, I knew the moment I saw him standing underneath the awning of the historic building on 5th St. that he would be my eternal. The freezing February rain rivered off his overcoat that he clutched together, shivering looking so handsome and helpless.

I wanted to shelter him as the overhang seemed to be failing to know its purpose, I wanted to love him and have this man clutch to me as he did so dearly to his coat.

He didn’t notice me staring across the way at him as I sat alone in the coffee shop entranced by his existence. His image waved through the steam rising from my mug causing him to look like a true vision straight from my most romantic dream.

I did my research on him He worked inside that historic building in accounting. I spent many days and nights watching him, loathing having to work at the hospital as it took time away from being near him.

It pained me when he would bring women into the coffee shop that I considered our spot, or to the taverns where I would sit across in the lounge, gazing in awe as he played pool with his friends. Everyone seemed to love him, and all I wanted him to know was that I longed for him also.

Three years it took to get him here. It wasn’t an easy task, however, soon he would be mine.

My, the days are starting to get shorter, there it was nearing supper time and I had yet to get started.
His chest began to rise and fall with each priceless breath hypnotizing me by the movements. Life, how one tends to take it for granted…
His golden brown hair stirred by the gentle wind, his lips looking so moist and strong, I wanted to be intoxicated by his kiss.

It took a lot to tear away from such a site, yet I had to, for it was almost time. Only an hour ago we were laughing and flirting as it is was our first date. He was pleased that I made all his favorites for lunch when we first arrived. He told me I was beautiful in my white sun dress. I knew he would like it, I had bought it for this occasion, I had bought for him.

When he leaned into to kiss me earlier, I felt horrible for turning him away, I wanted our first kiss to be special. And it will be. I just hope that the ether doesn’t wear off soon.

It was clever of me to soak the napkin in it prior to using the excuse of wiping imaginary crumbs off his god-like face.
I was shocked that he actually came on the date. I sat at the table next to him, and was touched when he told me he recalled seeing me around. He asked my name and said he just had to introduce himself. When I suggested the picnic, unknown to him that I had been secretly planning for the past year, he smiled as he said that he would be delighted to.

Watching him closely to make sure he didn’t begin to stir, I reached my hand into the bottom of the basket and pulled out the dagger that I had purchased awhile ago at the pawn shop. A silver dragon handle on this athame worthy piece. It was him.

The shift in the sun blew the shadows of the swaying foliage across his body. Slowly and as carefully as I could, I began to unbutton his crisp white shirt, the one he seemed to wear for special occasions. I couldn’t help but to grin in realizing that he wore it for me.

His skin was a toasted tan, flawless, a perfection of nature and societies ideal. He was still motionless as I took the blade and traced waves of his muscles with it. With the edge tilted in a slight horizontal left, I sliced through his firm pecs. One straight perfected line. It glided through his flesh as if it were making love to him. His warm blood spilled with passionate ease over my trembling hands. So warm and fragrant, I took the blade to my tongue and tasted his life fluid. The sweetest taste to graze my senses.

I thirsted for more, however my greedy hunger for him would have to wait. Closing my eyes, I moaned in pleasure as I felt him mix with me, surging through my own veins. This was better than I had imagined, and still, he remains unconscious.

Soon I will get my kiss, the timing has to be perfect as I only had one window of opportunity to do this divine act. Another slice I carved into my loves skin. Beaming with pride I took my finger and wrote my name over his body. “Laura”. Never has my name looked so beautiful, never had I felt such a deep connection to anyone before.

I love him. “I love him!!” I shouted out loud letting the surroundings know my desires. I cursed as his blood got on my new dress, I was hoping to wear this important garment to bed nightly, not wanting it washed as it would wear away the moment. I suppose it will dry, and I guess I can look at the stain as a gift. Wiping the knife off on the blanket that lay beneath us, I crawled on top of him, sitting up and using his pelvis as my throne. I laid the steel against his cheek and slowly caressed his features, with that he moved. The time was finally there.

My excitement was overwhelming, however I had to remain calm. I needed to sit straighter, as this position will never achieve my wanted results. I must do it as I had practiced. Raising the dagger over my head, and seeing the suns reflection spotlight my name, I arched myself back hoping for momentum. I love him so much. I have spent so much time wanting him for myself. Dreaming about him each second of the day, imagining his voice whispering my name and his touch, his gentle touch taking my body into his. I am giving up a lot for this man, I am depriving myself of pleasures that I so crave just so he can know I love him.

“I am putting all my womanly pleasures aside for you. I am bonding our souls so we never have to go through the pain of hard times. I saw that calloused smile on your lips as you would take them to Antonio’s always the same table, the one in the corner near the back, for seclusion I suppose. Tears streamed from some of their eyes as you would tell them that it was over. From the booth behind you, I never heard of a good reason as to end it. I am glad you did though. I watched as you coldly paid the bill then took them home in what I would imagine to be a state of disbelief. I love you so much, yet I refuse to let you go. You love me. You are just too scared to allow yourself to feel it.” I spoke quietly, leaning in close next to his still slumbered head.

Once more I arose and posed myself. He was starting to stir more which signaled that the time was here. How I don’t want this window to pass, yet I grow impatient for the final outcome.
My hands shook as they remained above me. Looking down at him, almost made me change my mind. So peaceful, I am sure he doesn’t mean to be an asshole. Perhaps it is genetic, however that doesn’t change the fact that in time he is going to ask me to dine at Antonio’s, I wouldn’t be shocked like the others, however I can fathom how that would hurt, knowing the mention of the place would be too much for me to handle. I want the love to be untainted. I want to have him as we are new to each other.

Timing, This is timing. Thrusting my blade down into him with all my might I quickly looked into his eyes, I felt the bones in his chest give way to the intense force, his azure eyes startled opened as I pressed my lips onto his taking in his eternal kiss.
His scream was muffled by my lips and as I looked into his eyes, I could feel him connect. The dagger pierced into his heart, I never realized how tough a muscle the heart is.
He was somewhat confused from the ether as he made a feeble attempt to pry me away from him. His strong hands pulled my hair scaring me into seeing that this may not happen the way I wished it to.
I twisted the knife kissing him deeper. Blood like a blanket of liquid gold poured out onto our spot. It’s a good thing I put the food away. He began to wry and moan. I laughed and clapped with satisfaction as I knew he would be mine anytime now.

Closer I leaned in trying to avoid the mess as much as one could, I whispered to him, “Be with me my love” And as he looked at me with such fear in his eyes, I reached my hand into the newly made cavity and grabbed his heart. The pulsating beat was so strong, yet getting weaker consistently. It twitched in the palm of my hand, begging to be set free.
His hand grabbed the bosom of my dress as if he were wanting mercy. With my free hand I brushed him away, for I was giving him bliss. If only he would understand it. I needed to capture his soul, I thought for certain I would have had it by now. He is more stubborn than I thought.

Again I embraced his lips with mine, drawing in his breath peering into eyes. “Why?” I heard him weakly cry beneath me. “Because I want forever.” I thought to myself, firmly grasping his heart, turning it repeatedly.
He stared back at me in agonizing pain. I wanted to cry for him as it must hurt a lot. I never shifted my gaze when I pulled with all my might falling backwards onto his legs with his heart in my hand, softly fluttering. His soul entered me finally, as his struggle subsided leaving him limp.

I sat there a moment looking upon him, as he was still a vision, albeit a messy one. I began to tingle with excitement as I held onto a part of him. “Its not over yet.” I reassured the remainder of my ideal man. I got up and walked behind the tree that sheltered us all that afternoon and grabbed a container I had hidden there.
After kissing his heart, I gently placed in the jar and closed the lid.

Reaching behind the tree once more, the gasoline awaited my instruction. I carried the can over to his empty shell and began to saturate him with the toxic fuel, the odor started to make me feel dizzy, although watching the fluids combine was quite delightful as it looked like a dense wine. I stood before my altar of devotion with my arms stretched out, lit the match and tossed it on his lifeless corpse. He was a beautiful package.

The fire grew quickly, bluish flames of passion reaching up towards the sky. I inhaled him. His skin blackened shriveled then tore away. Perhaps witnessing this is a mistake as this is a sight that will not be easy to erase from my mind. As quickly as the fire started, it rapidly died down.
Desperately shaking the can of gas over his body, hoping to destroy him completely as I really don’t have the space in my home to keep him, at least to where he won’t begin to send a stench through-out my dwelling.

I took the napkins from lunch, gathered sticks found on the forests floor and kept the flame burning until he was merely a pile of bones. Even without skin, he was handsome. I still wanted him, yet the time to leave was now as I felt my stomach rumble beneath my blood soaked dress. I reached down to gather him up, forgetting he was still hot, I burned my fingers. I guess that is his way of telling me he still loves me although I destroyed the cage that held his soul. Good thing, I was sure he would be mad at first.

I know the outside world might have a problem with what I have done, I guess romance has truly faded. I buried the bones into the hole I dug a few days ago when I picked out this spot.

Patting the dirt back into place, I looked up to see the Earths Star bidding me a farewell over the horizon, seemingly smiling as to reassure my doubting mind. The picnic was not as impossible to clean up as it looked. All I had left was the basket and gasoline can. well, and of course the jar, however I can put that in the basket and it will not be a chore to carry at all. The trek back to my car was brutal as the days events left me in a tired state, no matter, at least I will be hungry for dinner. I patted the basket for tonight was truly going to be a feast.

copyrighted  Dawn Masuoka

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